College Facilities


The college has good library with about 3679 books on various subjects. The important feature of the library is the availability of important reference books such as Encyclopaedia Britanica, Science Special Encyclopaedia, Vishwakosh, Year Books etc., which contain a valuable information necessary for all-out developement of student enabling them to face all sorts of competitive examinations. In addition, college subscribes to about 13 magazines and 19 newspapers. The library also has a spacious reading room useful for student as well as for staff. Library runs special schemes such as poor boys aid fund, book bank, issue on deposits, etc. for students. The library also has a xerox machine and computers with CD's on different subjects for staff and students.

Students Guidance Groups

Each class is entrusted toa teacher for guidance. The teacher looks after the attendance and progress in studies as shown by home assignment, performance at monthly test examinations held and gives general guidance to these students the students must attend the meetings arranged by class teachers and report their difficulties without any fear.

Games & Sports Department

The college has a seperate Games & Sports Department with adequate facilities for games like Cricket, Volleyball, Chess, Athletics, Ball Badminton, Soft Ball etc.

Debating and Elocution Competitions

The college provides ample opportunities and guidance to students for developing their talents by allowing participation in different extra-curricular activities.

Students are encouraged to participate in various debates, elocution & cultural competitions.

College Magazine

The college magazine ZEP is published annually. This magazine serves as aplatform for every student of the college to express his feelings and views in the form of words. Students articles are published in the magazine which include short stories, poems, jokes, etc. to express theirhidden talents and bring them before the other students. The reports of various activities performed in the college during the year are also published. The achievements of the students and the staff are also acknowledged in magazine.