Late. Babasaheb Varhade Education Society, Amravati's


Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Amravati
Bhatkuli Dist.- Amravati

Girl Protection Cell

Savitribai Fule Girl’s Protection Cell

Goals / Objectives

  1. To look into the welfare of the girls students.

  2. To built confidence in the girls.

  3. To resolve issues pertaining to girls sexual harassment.

  4. To provide a platform for listening to complaints and redressal of grievances.

  5. To equip the female faculty and students with knowledge of their legal rights.


The institution is located in rural area. And many of the girl’s students are coming around 15 – 20 km away from Bhatkuli. Many times transportation is not available for them. Taking into consideration, Principal decided to form a protection cell for girl students. The cell is responsible for looking into any complaints filed by the students.


The function of the cell is to purely safe guard the rights of the female students and also to provide a platform for listening to complaints. The girl’s protection cell of the college is generally constituted by selecting atleast three women staff. The principal of the college as the chairperson of the cell and one woman staff is the convener of the cell. The girl’s protection cell endeavors that every girl’s student in particular lives with right attitude and act accordingly within and outside the campus.

We invite every girl student to participate whole heartedly in the programs organized by the cell. Cell asks the students to share her concerns about issues gender related and otherwise.

Evidence Of Success

Since this practice has been implemented to increase the awareness and reduced the accept ability of sexual harassment among general public. Reduction of sexual harassment of woman’s and girls in the neighborhood of intervention.

Problems encountered and resources required

The institution does not encounter any problem for implementing this best practice.

Sant Gadge Baba Assistance Scheme for the Students

Goals / Objectives

  1. To help the economically backward class students.

  2. To attract the students for higher education.

  3. To inspire and felicitate them for their success.

  4. To motivate them for hard work in studies.


The institution is located in rural area and is fed by the students from the economically backward families. Some are from the families of below poverty line; out of which some students are talented and have ability to make progress in higher education. So the institution adopted above scheme for motivating them.


Taking into consideration, the vision and mission of the institution is to help poor students of the college by giving them financial assistance. For this scheme, teaching and non – teaching staff of the college collects some amount of money per month. From that amount, financial assistance is given to the students for submission of examination fee, bus pass, uniform or any other program.

Evidence of success

Since this practice has been implemented, it is found that the students are improving their performance. Moreover, the attendance of the students in the classes is increased which consequently improves their performance in the university examination.

Problems encountered and resources required

The institution does not encounter any problem for implementing this best practice.